- July 13, 2019: SCPA 2019 Annual
Meeting and Symposium has a great

- June 15, 2019: Our 1st career and
professional development forum held
today is a success!

- June 5, 2019: SCPA is pleased to
announce Auro Pharma has
acknowledged to become Silver Sponsor
for our annual conference in July. 


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Will be updated upon further notice

Upcoming Events News Networking Opportunities

Will be updated upon further notice

Sino-Canadian Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SCPA)
Networking & Collobrating
Serving SCPA members is our priority: COVID-19 Update
Given the severity of the spread and its lasting impact that is ahead of every community, the
SCPA Board has made the following decisions and would like to update you accordingly:
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- Planned Career Workshops: Will be tentatively postponed to Q4, 2020; SCPA Board and
Management Team will continue to evaluate the situation and make adjustment as needed.
- SCPA’s 2020 Annual Conference:  Will be tentatively cancelled; SCPA Board plans to re-visit
our decision as such in the next few months and may reconsider it for Q4, 2020 if the pandemic
situation improves significantly in both China and Canada.
   ......SCPA Board and Management Team